Maria Wye Berry's production company, Furious Media, puts a fresh new spin on video presentations by incorporating story driven documentary style formats to create high-end videos that are entertaining and informative.  We employ some of the most creative crews and editors in the industry to make your video stand out from the rest whether it be for a corporate, non-profit or personal event/gala, website, product launch, or presentation.  Contact us today to discuss your video needs!

Clients include:  Get Global, Annenberg Foundation, Television Producer and Author Bruce Ferber, Leaf & Love Organic Lemonade, Cradle to Cradle, William McDonough Legacy, MacArthur Foundation,  Saban Entertainment, S.E.A. Charter Schools, ILC, Wounded Warrior Foundation, Maria Shriver's Women's Conference,  Arnold Schwarzenegger [Governor] 


Event video for the Annenberg Foundations innovative and extraordinary new venture AltaSea - a center for marine research, education and ocean related businesses in the Port of Los Angeles.

Book trailer for Bruce Ferber, famed Television Producer, Writer and Author follow up to the critically acclaimed novel Elevating Overman.  Bruce's latest novel, Cascade Falls, explores the false promise of the American Dream.

Web and marketing video for Leaf and Love Organic Lemonade, a fabulous new product launch.

Web video for Wind Wishes new product launch.

Event video for the Wounded Warrior Foundation and their mission to bring wounded American and Israeli vets together through epic bike adventures.

Event video focusing on an FIDF mission taking former Holocaust victims and families back to the concentration camps of Poland to honor those who died.

Gov. Schwarzenegger legacy video