She Bop a fun and provocative docu-series set in the rock-a-billy, rainy city of Portland, Oregon.

Latinas of the Woodlands follows six successful, high energy friends in an affluent community in the suburbs of Houston, Texas.  

Pony Tail in Hollywood, Viral music video hit for educational site Badanamu - 100 million + hits to date

Trailer Park Rangers reality series follows the day to day drama of a family run management company that rehabs some of America's most dysfunctional trailer parks and its tenants.

The Hammer follows Maximus Willhammer and his crew as they test out ground breaking and dangerous inventions on themselves!


Extreme Smuggling series takes you inside the illicit drug, weapon and wildlife trade with never-before-seen traffickers in action. 


Ancient Aliens - Explore extraterrestrial possibilities... Did our ancestors receive a visit from above? There are many people in the world who believe we are not alone in the universe, that alien life exists, and it is only a matter of time before irrefutable proof is found.

True Story of Che Guevara - two-hour History Channel special on the life and death of the Che Guevara, the 20th century's most iconic rebel.

Targeted: The Engineer -  This is the story of the most intense manhunt in Israel history.  Yahiya Ayyash - know as the "Engineer" was a gifted Palestinian bomb maker who became a legend among his own people and an elusive target for an increasingly frustrated Israeli military. 

Mind Control a docu-reality special profiling two of America's most secretive doomsday bible groups, Meade Ministries and The House of Yahweh, to expose the methods they used to indoctrinate and control their members.  To include interviews with family members, former and current members and exclusive hidden camera footage that takes you inside a doomsday compound giving viewers a slice of America as never seen before!

Dr. Phil profiles doomsday cults and the documentary Mind Control on his show AND includes a quick interview with me!