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I USED to be a bad ass Producer traveling the world in search of "the story" -  crawling through the rainforests of Costa Rica in hot and sweaty pursuit of deadly bugs, dodging hell fire missiles in the Gaza Strip, drinking brews with former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice' security team in Jerusalem, and planning for the end of the world with doomsday preppers.  Today you'll find me in a Hollywood studio writing and developing docs and reality shows - now in search of compelling, revealing and inspiring programming with unique, "insider" perspectives and reality shows with big uncensored characters, bizarre or misunderstood subcultures, crazy out of the norm worlds, and people doing the extraordinary. 

Relationships with other Producers/Writers/Talent and Production companies are what fuels the FURIOUS MEDIA machine - if you've got an amazing project you'd like to develop or are in need of a Producer who can manage a team of talented folk, negotiate deals like a Moroccan carpet salesman, has an eye for the bizarre and can tell thought provoking stories - a producer or partner who seeks out the stuff most people want to see - the grit, the grime, the sex and the crime... that's me!