About Maria Wye Berry


Maria Wye Berry is an Independent Producer specializing in unscripted, reality and multimedia content and production. Her career has evolved over twenty years of producing television in Hollywood and from a lifetime passion for storytelling, taking risks, managing talent and crews and never taking no for an answer.  

She’s traveled the world in search of “the story”  -  crawling through the rainforests of Costa Rica in hot and sweaty pursuit of deadly bugs, dodging hell fire missiles in the Gaza Strip, drinking brews with former Secretary of State C. Rice' security team in Jerusalem, and planning for the end of the world with doomsday cults.

Her passion lies in producing compelling, revealing and inspiring projects with unique, "insider" perspectives and reality shows with big uncensored characters, bizarre or misunderstood subcultures, crazy out of the norm worlds, and people doing the extraordinary. 

Credits include: Expedition Unknown: After the Search, Terrorism Close Calls, Brobots, My Uncle Is The Green River Killer, Extreme Smuggling, Ancient Aliens, The X Prize, Mind Control, Targeted: Osama Bin Laden, Heroes Under Fire, True Story of Killing Pablo, True Story of Che Guevara, Inside Al Qaeda